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Sweet Salvation Chocolate Bar

Nothing is sweeter than God’s salvation. The “Sweet Salvation” chocolate bar is an evangelistic tool that proclaims God’s salvation for humankind made possible by the richness, and sweetness, of God’s grace.

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Why does The Salvation Army have a flag?

"So we'll lift up the banner on high, The salvation banner of love; We'll fight beneath its colors till we die, Then go to our home above."

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Declaration of War

Capturing the same clarity of vision which Evangeline Booth had when recognizing where the real battle for the salvation of souls takes place.

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On the Hunt: Pulling Down the Devil’s Kingdom

Read about one of the most incredible descriptions from 1880 of spiritual warfare and fervent evangelism that highlight the key to the Army's success. The imagery describes Salvationists 'on the hunt' - inspired by first-hand testimonies which confirmed that 'aggressive Christianity' was not merely a cute metaphor, but an inspirational reality.

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Searching for the Shadow of the Founders

For 150 years, we have stood in the shadows of the co-founders of The Salvation Army, William and Catherine Booth. As we look forward to the future, will these guiding motivations continue to shape us?

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