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The William Booth Collection

The writings of our Founder will equip the soldiers of today's Army for holy warfare. The William Booth Collection contains the letters and writings of the first General of The Salvation Army. Booth's words contain a boundless energy and passion for souls that will both convict and inspire.

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The Catherine Booth Collection

The writings of the Army Mother in one convenient location. The Catherine Booth Collection is a resource that can be used for Senior Soldier preparation material, sermon writing, and historical research. Be inspired by one of the 19th century’s greatest female preachers.

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50 Articles of War

Railton was a gifted writer, so the Booths placed a pen (which was as mighty as a sword!) in the hands of this salvation warrior and from October, 1872 until June, 1878; George Scott Railton would write in The Christian Mission Magazine, what we would call, "The Fifty Articles of War"!

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Women of the Flag

"Women of the Flag" written by Minnie Carpenter and published by The Salvation Army, London in 1945. Inspirational stories of Salvationist women who made a difference for God in their generation.

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