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Artists We Work With

Craig Rietveldt

Craig Rietveldt is a seasoned branding and creative consultant. He has worked in the creative industry for more than 26 years and specialises in brandcreative development and reinforcement, creative strategy, digital solutions (web and email marketing), print sourcing and buying.

His company, SALT, is based on a sound creative philosophy – in essence to flavour, enhance and preserve – to take brands and add a generous dose of flavour to enhance the brand, and to do this consistently in order to preserve brands.

Get in touch if you would like to enhance your brand’s flavor.

💻 saltonline.co.za  ☎ 011 432 0832   📧 sales@saltonline.co.za

 Mark Payton

As a fifth generation Salvationist and a third generation artist, Mark has a real passion for God and his creation. His various life experiences which include growing up in a missionary family, serving nine years in the US Army, and studying art at Asbury University have shaped his art work which he describes as mixed style. As a freelance artist, Mark specializes in book and magazine illustrations, t-shirt, patch design, and portrait work. Mark currently resides in Rochester, New York.

MP Graphics 💻 mpgraphicillustration.blogspot.com 📧 mpgraphics@hotmail.com

 DJ Morph & Rell

For over a decade, DJ Morph has remained a staple in the genre. With five nationally distributed albums, a Dove award nomination, having toured across Latin America, Europe, and Asia several times over, DJ Morph has been privileged to communicate his passion for God via music.

Rell born in Oklahoma City has released several albums and toured North America. “My whole life, music was a hidden passion. My goal is to fully do what Christ wants me to do. Love, Grace and Faith is all I need.”

 DJMorphMusic & RellMuzic  💻DJMorph.com  ☎ 561 412 5206  📧 booking@djmorph.com