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The objective of Salvation Factory is to help foster creativity and innovation in all aspects of Salvation Army life and ministry. We do this through the following avenues:


Imagineering Sessions
An Imagineering Session is a strategic process designed to help a select group of people accomplish the following:imageering sessions

  • Imagine and refine creative and innovative ideas
  • Engineer a strategy for the design and implementation of those ideas

The outcome of the Imagineering Sessions will be seen in multiple ways including the development of innovative and creative programs, resources, events and strategies. Imagineering Sessions can take place in physical [e.g., Brainstorm Room] or virtual [e.g., Skype] environments.

Imagineering Sessions with Salvation Factory can take place in two different ways:

  • An Imagineering Session for projects generated by or assigned to Salvation Factory
  • Facilitation of or participation in an Imagineering Session for projects assigned to another  group or individual


Salvation Factory is involved in a variety of Territorial, Divisional and Corps engagements:

    Salvation Factory provides coordination of events that have been assigned to them by the Territory (e.g., Old Orchard Beach PIER Ministry). This includes:
    • Pre-Production
      • Research
      • Imagineering Sessions
      • Event planning and administration
      • Program and resource development
      • Identifying, connecting and coordinating support personnel
    • Event Production
      • Onsite leadership
      • Team management
      • Implementation of program and resources
    • Post-Production
      • Debriefing and feedback
      • Consultation
    Salvation Factory provides support in a variety of ways to other events within the territory at the discretion of the Territorial Program Secretary.
    Salvation Factory provides teaching and training on a variety of topics related to innovation and creativity in Salvation Army ministry and mission. Guest speaking engagements include Territorial, Divisional and Corps events.

ProgramSalvation Factory logo altered
Salvation Factory develops programs and resources that will support and enhance the mission of The Salvation Army. Requests for the development of these resources are generated using the Salvation Factory Project Request Form. These requests are received from a number of different sources:

  • Assigned/Delegated from Territorial Leadership
  • Initiated by the Salvation Factory Team
  • Other THQ Departments
  • Commands (Divisions, CFOT, ARC)
  • Corps/Institutions

Salvation Factory has a growing network of carefully selected individuals who are focused in a variety of areas of expertise. Based on the nature of any particular project, these Imagineers can be enlisted to provide specific services in their particular area of specialization.

By means of this network, Salvation Factory seeks to connect the deep thinkers and experienced practitioners of Salvationism with creative artists and designers, providing projects where the best of both worlds can come together in an innovatively packaged resource that has depth and substance.

 Service DeliveryService delivery

Salvation Factory distributes the developed resources and programs through the following systems:

    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Email/Dropbox
    • In Person
    • By Mail
    • Through Trade

Resources and programs developed by Salvation Factory for a particular event or purpose will be distributed by the requesting group or individual.

Cross Section
Salvation Factory Co-Directors participate in a number of committees and working groups, as determined by the Territorial Program Secretary.

Request Form

All requests for Salvation Factory’s participation and involvement are made and approved through appropriate channels via the Salvation Factory Project Request:


For requests received from outside this Territory, an email to the USA Eastern Territory’s Chief Secretary should be sent through the appropriate channels.