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Easter Resource Package

Many people today sadly identify with Henry David Thoreau’s well known quote: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Easter Sunday, the day of our Lord’s resurrection counters this sad message by breaking the chains of hopelessness that so easy entrap, allowing those who believe in Christ to live lives of total victory.

From the sermon which details the life of Henry F. Milans, a severe alcoholic whose life was radically transformed by the Gospel, to the video which shows how Jesus frees us from sin and bondage, as well as the various hope-inspired readings and prayers – this Easter themed resource package weaves together the liberating message of the cross with the victorious life, death, and resurrection of the Son of God.

Those who accept Jesus, the true, King of kings, can go forward in victory. This powerful message of hope is available to download right now and will help you in your Easter Sunday worship planning. The Easter Sunday Resource Kit is available in both English and Spanish. Use it today and encourage the members of your corps or social ministry to be mobilized for mission because they serve a God who goes before them, guaranteeing their victory!


To help present your Easter Sunday worship, we have designed a program cover, document headers, and title slides. Click your preferred language to download the complete graphic package.




You can also view and download the videos in our Vimeo page.

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