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How To Reach The Masses

WilliamBooth-YoungPhoto-1We are proud to present for your reading enjoyment, How to Reach the Masses with the Gospel.  This gemstone in our William Booth Collection series offers an amazing window into the early Salvation Army.  Did you ever wonder why The Christian Mission, and later, The Salvation Army was so successful in its early days? How to Reach The Masses serves as an engineering blueprint of Salvationism.  It gives account of the various means and methods which Booth and his band of followers employed to win the hearts of men and women in London’s East End for God.  

The first-person testimonies make the stories come alive.  As you read How to Reach the Masses, feel the raucous energy of an early open air meeting, as flaming projectiles and rocks whiz over your head: Experience the thrill of seeing a hardened soul finally submit to God: Marvel at the sheer tenacity of the Missioners as they actively work to “pull down the Devil’s kingdom.”

William Booth defines the object of the Christian Mission as follows:

“Our purpose is to go out into the highways and hedges, and bring in the thousands who at present seem to be outside the pale of all religious influence and operation; who, if not positively and bitterly opposed to Christianity, are totally indifferent to it. In the East of London there are multitudes in the grossest heathen darkness, being not only without God, but also without any knowledge of Him, or the way of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ…We feel as deeply as ever that the East of London demands our first and strongest sympathies, and our most strenuous efforts.”

How to Reach the Masses, will help you rediscover your own passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, lonely, and dying of today.

About Robert Jeffery

Rob Jeffery joined the Salvation Factory team in 2015 as the Resource Innovator. He holds a Master of Divinity from the Atlantic School of Theology and soldiers at The Salvation Army Spring Valley Corps, Greater New York Division. He is married to Samantha and has three children.