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Know the Secret: Old Orchard Beach

Event Information:

For specific event information, please click below:


Click here to view photographs from the Old Orchard Beach Pier 2014 event.


If you are interested in volunteering at the Pier this year, please contact us at salvation.factory@use.salvationarmy.org

2015 Pier Activities

We are excited to have several special guests and groups participating at the Pier this year. Also, as usual, there will be excellent team members assisting with evangelism, prayer, and ministry to children.

Know the Secret Website

A special evangelistic website has been created to help explain God’s story of Salvation and connect people to the closet Salvation Army Corps in their location. Please check out this site and feel free to use it in your own evangelistic campaign in your neighborhood.


Know the Secret Testimonies

To download our template for ‘Know the Secret’ “Gospel Shots” – short, powerful testimonies, please click here.


To download the logos and graphics for the ‘Know the Secret’ Campaign, please click here.


Please use the links below to access and download the “Know the Secret” Video Resources.

“The Secret is Jesus” Presentation

Click here to access the resources related to “The Secret is Jesus” presentation.

Music          Music with Visual Presentation           Video of 2014 Choreography 


For a free download of the “Open Secret” remix, please click here.

Daily Give-Away Items

Below are photographs of the give-away items provided at the Pier. Our Evangelists use these items to start conversations and encourage people to connect to The Salvation Army through the ‘Know the Secret’ website.

Prayer Schedule

Join us in prayer for this special time by downloading our prayer guide focusing on each daily theme.

Love          Joy          Hope          Life          Peace          Freedom          Forgiveness

Kid’s Interactive Activity

Each night the children are encouraged to participate at the Pier by decoding a special message. The ‘secret message’ each night reveals the theme … Jesus is the secret to ______.


To view more videos of OOB Pier 2014, please click here.

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