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The Catherine Booth Collection

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The writings of the Army Mother in one convenient location. The Catherine Booth Collection is a resource that can be used for Senior Soldier preparation material, sermon writing, and historical research. Be inspired by one of the 19th century’s greatest female preachers.

Short Articles
Practical Religion
IT will be observed that these papers are mostly the reports of addresses delivered at various times, in various places where God has called me to witness for Him. I have frequently been asked to publish them in one volume by those who have listened to me with thankfulness to God and profit to themselves. Compelled in great measure to desist for a season from public speaking by bodily infirmity, I seize the opportunity to repeat on paper what I have been privileged to express in (to me) brighter days. I pray that I may thus be allowed to continue my testimony against the attempt, now so prevalent, to serve both God and mammon, and to warn and teach everyone to flee from the wrath to come by avoiding every sin and the very appearance of evil, and by devoting themselves without reserve to the service of God and the salvation of the world: and I trust that He who has given to me these thoughts and words may restore to me the power to speak again, and to speak more boldly still. THANK GOD, brighter days have come than I have ever known before, God having set before me an open door to vast multitudes all over the world who, three years ago, were not within our reach. In Aggressive Christianity and Godliness may be found some of my later addresses to these millions. But our views have no way changed, and I am thankful to find increasing need to supply the demand for the old volume.Catherine Booth. 101, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. 1978

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Aggressive Christianity
THE addresses contained in this little volume were delivered during a series of services at the West End of London, in the summer of 1880. That they were used then of the Lord I had abundant evidence, and on that account I have consented to their reproduction in this form, hoping that He may still speak through them to many souls.
I only regret that pressing public duties have prevented the shorthand writer’s notes being revised as thoroughly as I could have wished, especially as they are reports of what were themselves largely unpremeditated utterances.Catherine Booth. London, December, 1880

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IN presenting another Volume of reports of my Addresses, I have only to repeat what I have said with respect to similar books before–Read, for the sake of getting more light and more blessing to your soul, and you will, I trust, partake of the good which many have professed to receive at the West-end services, wherein most of these words were first spoken. I am well aware that, in such imperfect reports of, for the most part, extemporaneous utterances, often most hurriedly corrected, there may be found abundant ground for criticism; but, if this book may be the means of leading only a few souls to devote themselves more fully to God and to the salvation of men, I shall be more than compensated for any unfriendly criticism with which it may meet. I have not sought to please any but the Lord, and to His fatherly loving kindness I commend both the book and its readers.Catherine Booth. London, Nov. 10th, 1881

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Life and Death
IN consenting to publish the following addresses I have acceded to very earnest solicitation on the part of numerous hearers and friends, who wish for some more direct and pointed truth on the subject of personal Salvation. I deeply regret the imperfect manner in which topics so momentous are handled, but time and strength fail for a more complete revision; so I commit them to God, praying that the great end, both in their delivery and publication, may be accomplished, even the SALVATION of those who read.Catherine Booth. London, November, 1883

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Popular Christianity
IN committing these addresses to the press, I would like to say to my readers that although for months after their delivery I was continually pressed to publish them by many of my hearers, I steadily refused, chiefly because I feared that in cold type they might produce an impression of censoriousness, which was not possible when, as I believe, assisted by the Spirit of God, I dealt with my hearers face to face on these burning topics. During my late illness, I became deeply convinced that it was my duty to let these utterances, such as they are, go forth irrespective of consequences, in the hope of reaching a greater number of persons similarly circumstanced with those to whom they were originally spoken, many of whom professed to have received great personal blessing, with increased light and power for usefulness. Having come to this conclusion, I submitted the MSS. to my friend Commissioner Railton, who not only strongly urged me to publish them, but favoured me with some most valuable suggestions and emendations. May He whose kingdom and glory alone I seek fill every reader with grace to receive whatever truth he may find in these pages applicable to himself in the love of it.Catherine Booth. London, July, 1887

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Highway of our God


Part 1: Entering the Highway

Part 2: Treading the Highway

Part 3: Following the Highway Code

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