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Christmas Material

Salvation Factory is pleased to present, Christmas “Time”. 🎉

Christmas “Time” is a Christmas Eve resource package that includes a Candlelight Service Advent reading, and Christmas themed videos and graphics.  Using scripture references from the infancy narratives (Matthew 1-2 and Luke 2) it challenges us this Christmas to take time to wait, watch, wonder, witness and worship.

Listeners are asked to consider their own relationship with time.  So often, the ticking of the clock reminds us of the things we have failed to get done, or the many things we have left to do.  Schedules dominate our lives, and every passing hour is packed with frantic activity.  At no time is this more true than Christmas!

Yet time is the great equalizer.  Every person, rich or poor, gets the same 24 hours in a day.  The Christmas “Time”reading reminds us it was to this busy world, that Jesus entered time and history.  His entry into our “time” to save us from sin is a never-ending source of joy to all Christ’s followers.  While we cannot stop time, or even slow time for that matter, we can change how we use time. Christmas Eve affords us the time to slow down our activities and reflect on Christ’s coming into the world as a babe in Bethlehem.

A Christmas Eve Candlelight Service that can be used by corps, big and small.  Easy to perform, yet packed with meaning. Includes other great resources, like the Upside Down Christmas Tree, Christmas Scripture videos, animated logos, bulletin covers, and keynote presentations.  This Christmas Eve, let Christmas “Time” aid your congregation in experiencing the wonders of the manger scene, where they’ll hear afresh the Good News of the Savior’s birth.


Christmas Time” logo comes in both color and greyscale.

To download the whole package, please click on the language you desire.


Program Cover

A single cover image for the Christmas program in English or Spanish.

To download the image, click it, then right click on the image, and choose “Save Image As…”

Slides for Service

Take time to…” graphics work together with the script and are suggested to be shown during the service. To download, please click a version below according to your language and screen size.


Below is a list of videos we produced for this Christmas resource package. It includes scripture video, animation of the “Christmas Time” logo, and a video about the Upside Down Christmas Tree. Visit our Vimeo Christmas Album to watch and download all the Christmas videos.



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