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Spark 2018

Spark is the U.S.A. Eastern Territory’s Innovation Symposium hosted by Salvation Factory. It is a FREE one-day seminar where delegates are exposed to training on creativity and innovation, rooted in a Biblical and Salvationist worldview. Its goal is to cultivate transformation through the renovation of Army essentials and the innovation of Army expressions.

This year we will be focusing on laying the foundations for frugal and transformative innovation by exploring the five principles of design thinking with Dr. Gary Oster.

Design thinking is an iterative process that includes empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. This strategy is currently utilized by some of today’s most innovative companies.

Dates, Time & Location

🔸Innovation Symposium:

Wednesday, October 17
8:30am – 3:15pm
Crestview Conference Center


Click here to register online. Limited seating available.


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Guest Speaker

Dr. Gary Oster is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the School of Business & Leadership at Regent University. He is Director of the MS in Business Analytics and MA in Business & Design Management programs and teaches in the Masters’ and Doctoral programs. His primary academic research interests include innovation metrics, technology utilization, and corporate competitiveness.

Dr. Oster has served as a classroom and online instructor since 1994 and has taught courses in the United States, Canada, Peru, Guatemala, Columbia, China, and the United Kingdom. He is a prolific author on subjects related to innovation and entrepreneurship and has published numerous academic papers and book chapters throughout the world. His latest book is entitled The Light Prize: Perspectives on Christian Innovation.

Prior to his academic endeavors, Dr. Oster was an executive in high-technology corporations, focusing primarily on the computer, electronics, and automotive industries. He lives with his family in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA.

Articles written by Dr. Gary Oster: 📰 Christian Innovation 📰  Divining the Need

SPARK Handouts

To download the handouts we gave out at the conference, please click the names below.

📰 Design Thinking        📰 Principles of Design Thinking        📰 Prototype Example        📰 Traditional Vs. Design Thinking SPARKS

SPARK Recordings

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