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The George Scott Railton Collection

Railton was a gifted writer, so the Booths placed a pen (which was as mighty as a sword!) in the hands of this salvation warrior. From October, 1872 until June, 1878; George Scott Railton would write in The Christian Mission Magazine, what we would call, “The Fifty Articles of War”!

50 Articles of War

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21 Years’ Salvation Army

While writing this memorial of The Salvation Army’s first twenty-one years’ victories I have been only too sadly conscious of my inability to write as I would on such a theme. To put together in one small volume the story of twenty-one years, no one of which can be properly described in a book of this size, was, of course, at a glance, out of the question. In the following pages I have, therefore, tried simply to point out as clearly as possible the main features of the new champion force that God has raised to maintain His cause in the world. Happily The General himself has given us, in addition, his own account of the way in which God led him to begin the war; and I trust that many who, induced by this fact to do so, may read the book, will fill up what remains wanting by giving up their lives likewise to continue the strife till Christ shall be indeed King over all the earth.

P.S. – 1887. – All we have written as to The Army has had wonderful confirmation in the fact that it has grown during its 22nd year half as large again as it was when this book was written. George Scott Railton

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