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The Bramwell Booth Collection

Speaking about his son, Bramwell Booth, General William Booth once said: “He possesses capacities for government in all its branches, whether those of leadership or administration, in a remarkable degree…He is dear to you all on the ground of his practical godliness, his unswerving impartiality, his unflagging energy, and his capacity for details.” 

These characteristics only begin to define the many positive attributes of The Salvation Army’s second international leader, General Bramwell Booth (1856-1929). Next to his father, Bramwell had the longest term in office of any general, expanding The Army internationally into a further 25 countries. With his many responsibilities though, he always found time to write, believing it to be of benefit to the Salvationists of his day, and we would add – a benefit to Salvationists today. We hope you enjoy the inspired writings of Bramwell Booth.

On The Banks of The River
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